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Annual Block Fee information has been mailed together with our newsletter.  If you are a new patient, or did not receive the mailing, please come by to the office and our staff will be happy to help you.

*Dr. Alison Vandenberg will be retiring in April of 2018.  Currently Dr. Monica Dai is job sharing with Dr. Vandenberg while Dr. Lam is on maternity leave.  Upon Dr. Vandenberg’s retirement Dr. Lam will return from maternity leave and Dr. Emilie Lam and Dr. Monica Dai will assume care of Dr. Vandenberg’s patients.  Dr. Vandenberg has carefully chosen these Drs. and would like you to sign a form reassigning your care.  It is Dr. Vandenberg’s hope that you will register with these Drs. and continue your care with Markham Medical Centre.  No other Drs. in the office are currently accepting new patients.  If however, you feel that you would like to transfer your care outside Markham Medical Centre, you must provide written consent to realease your records to another physician.  You need to provide contact information for this new physicial and fees for the transfer will be applied.  A copy of Dr. Vandenberg’s letter of retirement is available in the office.

*Dr. Nowak retired at the end of August 2017 and Dr. Dennis Wong has taken on care of his patients.  Although Dr. Nowak is missed, Dr. Wong is a welcome addition to the office.