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Message from Dr. Elaine Meinig:

Dear Patients:

It is with mixed feelings that I wish to let you know I will be retiring from medical practice as of August 1, 2016.  I will miss all of you but am also looking forward to a new chapter in my life.

I am very fortunate to be handing my practice over to Dr. Susmita Esufali. Many of you met Dr. Esufali when she covered the practice when I took extended holidays in the summer and fall of 2015. I received very positive feedback from patients regarding the medical care they received from Dr. Esufali while I was away.

Dr. Esufali graduated from the Family Medicine residency program at our own Markham Stouffville Hospital. She lives in Markham with her family and is looking forward to practicing in her community.

I am confident that you will find Dr. Esufali a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable Family Physician and would encourage you to enrol with her in our Markham Medical Centre Family Health Organization.

For those who wish to transfer their medical records out of the practice to another physician you must provide written consent to release the records and the contact information for the physician to whom you wish the records to be sent. Fees for the transfer of records will be set according to the Ontario Medical Association Guidelines for Uninsured Services.

It has been my privilege to be involved in your medical care for these many years and I wish you and your families the best of health and happiness for the future.

Yours Truly,

Elaine Meinig



Annual Block Fee information will be mailed this fall.  If you are a new patient, or did not receive the mailing, please come by to the office and our staff will be sure to help you.

Dr. Alison Vandenberg will be sharing her practice with Dr. Emilie Lam beginning January 2015.  Patients of Dr. Vandenberg’s will see Dr. Lam when Dr. Vandenberg is away.